Selecting the right office wear to make a great first impression

When it comes to what clothing is acceptable to wear in your office, there is a lot more flexibility and choice available in today’s business world than there used to be. Dependant on your position, anything from a corporate suit to knitwear might work for you. But remember, the first impression you make will last in the minds of your co-workers and clients, so dress appropriate and dress to impress when selecting your office wear.


What are some of the benefits of having the right office wear?

- Added confidence. Nothing gives you that added boost of confidence like a clean, well fitted, professional suit can give you. When you look the part, your behaviour and activities tend to pick up and match the image you’re projecting.

- Company professionalism. Having all of your employees in branded work uniforms gives your company that extra bit of credibility and professionalism that is needed in today’s business world. It displays your company’s commitment to excellence and helps build client trust.

- Removal of risk and uncertainty. One of the biggest benefits of corporate uniforms, especially to business owners, is the removal of anything negative happening on the clothing front. No longer will you run the risk of an employee testing out the latest fashion trend while representing your business.

- Being part of the team. Having the same office wear for all your employees not only increases their pride for the company they work for, but will also make them feel part of a team environment leading to greater collaboration and synergy.

- Simplifying the start to the morning. Another benefit is your employees will no longer have to think about what to wear to work, removing any stress or worry they may have about being judged for their fashion sense or lack thereof.


Remember, office uniforms don’t have to be exactly the same and remove all the personality from your staff. At Brook Taverner we provide classic business tailoring and image clothing for office wear. Our wide range of styles and fabrics gives you the ability to have the right office wear that makes you feel like you’re part of the team, while at the same time still having a sense of style and personality.

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