From Uniform Jackets to Corporate Wear. Brook Taverner are the Uniform Suppliers to Meet Your Business Needs!


4 Things You Should Know When Choosing Uniform Suppliers for Your Business

  1. Check the quality of the fabrics being used for your uniforms
  2. Do they use quality control processes to ensure the highest levels of quality?
  3. How wide is their range and is it customisable?
  4. What are the costs and delivery times involved?


Ensure Only Quality Fabrics Are Used

Using the right fabrics is one of the most important factors when it comes to classic business tailoring and image clothing for office wear. It’s where the whole uniform process starts and vital to get right in order to ensure a quality garment at the end. However, not all uniform suppliers are able to use quality fabrics due to (a) the costs involved (b) sourcing the right mills and suppliers to work with and (c) the suppliers dedication to quality products.

At Brook Taverner we keep things simple – we only choose the finest yarns, weave them densely and finish the resultant fabric to industry leading standards.

This means our collections offer:

    • - Increased wearer comfort
    • - Longevity of wear
    • - Unrivalled performance
    • - Greater crease recovery
    • - Greater abrasion resistance
    • - Exceptional levels of colour continuity

Within each collection page you’ll find more information about all of the fabrics used.


Is There A Quality Control Process?

Quality control is important for ensuring consistent excellence in all of the corporate pieces being created. When selecting a uniform supplier for your business you’ll want to ensure they have a detailed quality control process in place so you know you won’t be the recipient of a poor item of clothing. Whether it’s a tailored uniform jacket, trousers, waistcoats or any other piece of work clothing, it’s important for it to be tested for performance. Often other companies won’t put the clothing through the right tests, or tests thorough enough to ensure quality.

At Brook Taverner there is a quality control process in place to ensure every piece is of the highest standards to meet our clientele’s expectations. The process is very thorough, taking each item of clothing and wearing and washing it to destruction. Only once this process has been completed can we be 100% sure of the workwear’s ability to stand up to the gruelling realities of corporate life. If it fails, that design is never sold.


How Wide Is The Range And Is It Customisable?

Being able to choose from a wide range of corporate wear will allow you more freedom and choice when selecting your work uniform. The last thing you want is to be restricted to a small range with a lack of custom options. This can end with you not getting the ideal look for your business, or a look you’re not completely happy with. Smaller suppliers may struggle in this area as they can’t hold as much stock and don’t have the resources available to offer custom options.

At Brook Taverner we offer a greater choice than other uniform suppliers, we also have a leading range of tried and tested styles and fabrics. So you’ll benefit from other companies before you and be able to see what corporate uniforms have worked for them.


What Are The Costs and Delivery Times Involved?

In today’s world speed is everything, and that’s no exception when it comes to your staff uniform. At Brook Taverner we hold stock to the value of £16 million which brings a number of benefits.

    • - In stock means fast delivery and no minimum reorder quantities
    • - Save money. No fabric to underwrite and no garment stock to pay for up front or at the end of the contract
    • - Your garments ultimately have a lower unit cost
    • - Save your cashflow. No minimum order requirements means you only pay for what your business actually needs


So those are the key things you must consider before choosing a uniform supplier. Browse our range today to benefit from the industry-leading standards in quality and expert advice to ensure you choose the most appropriate collection for all your corporate clothing requirements.