Corporate Wear Fashion Tips

Everything you need to know about getting more from your office wear.

Shoes that work with corporate tailoring

Few items of dress are as emotive as shoes. They can instantly undermine your appearance. Choose a pair of shoes that complement your suit.

Men can’t go wrong with black Gibsons or Brogues with a Black, Navy or Charcoal suit. A classy dark aged brown leather brogue can be worn with your suit, however it is less conventional.

Business wear accessories

All good tailoring deserves the appropriate accessories. Make the most of your new tailored business clothing by adding the right shoes, belt, cufflinks, watch, earrings, necklace, tights/ stockings, and underwear.

In general, all jewellery should be discreet and understated.

Grooming can make or break corporate wardrobes

Grooming is essential to any good business appearance. Before you even put on your beautifully tailored corporate clothing make sure your personal appearance lets the world know you are a success.

You will look great with clean hair and well-manicured hands. Ensure that your make-up is fresh and business-like.

Avoid bulging pockets

There may be a need to carry things at work but few things disrupt the well-tailored professional look more than bulging pockets.

Wallets, cigarettes, loose change, i-Pods, mobile phone – they all pull your clothing out of shape. They also dirty your clothes and wear your pockets out very quickly. Keep the clutter to a minimum and put it in a bag or locker.

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