Brook Taverner models displaying high quality work uniform designs

Work Uniform

First impressions are lasting. They can literally make or break the image of a company. Whether you are a small business owner building your reputation, or part of a large, national corporation, the right work uniform can put you on the path to success.

The work uniform benefits both the employees and the company itself. How?

Benefits to the employee or corporate staff include convenience, cost efficiency, and the additional confidence that a well put together, professional appearance brings.

The benefits to your small business or corporation are vast, and will ultimately affect your bottom line. It's all about what your company is saying to your clients with their appearance, before they even say a word. A work uniform sells your customers and potential customers on your professionalism and commitment to excellence. Corporate wear also provides your clients with the ability to easily identify staff members and helps build client trust.

Work Uniform Considerations

To get the most out of work uniforms, look for a colour and style that represents the image you want to project. Brook Taverner's work uniforms are available in classic corporate styles and colours, including navy, grey, and black, with or without pinstripes.

  • Our Performance line is well suited for employees on the go, able to stand up to the most demanding schedules.
  • Our Sophisticated collection is finely tailored, durable, and impeccably styled. Corporate branding is not an issue with this work uniform.
  • Our Corporate Fashion Collection provides an up to date, highly fashionable corporate image, designed exclusively for busy male and female executives.
  • The Concept collection is tailored from the most durable polyester/viscose blend, machine washable, and provides a classic look that is always in style.

We also offer mix-and-match styles and an entire formal collection. Brook Taverner leaves nothing out. We meet the demands of any and all situations your staff will encounter, providing the perfectly tailored, easy to care for attire for every event.

Brook Taverner never skimps by using cheaper fabrics. In fact, all of our material is rigorously tested, both in the lab and in real work situations. We are industry leaders in the work uniform for performance, ease of care, comfort and style.



Brook Taverner is Europe’s largest, most successful supplier of stock supported corporate clothing, and has been helping customers to make the right impression since 1912.

Brook Taverner Collections are fully machine washable and are produced using the finest corporatewear fabrics available. Brook Taverner holds stock to the value of £5million ready for immediate despatch!  There are no minimum order quantities!

Brook Taverner ensures its collections are made in ethically sound factories and that its supply chain commits to the ETI Base Code.  Further details on our CSR policy can be found here.

Our Company Ethos

Brook Taverner is Europe’s largest and most successful stock supplier of corporate clothing. We have a passion for fabrics and tailoring which is matched by an obsession for detail and garment performance. We balance our heritage, quality and craftsmanship with innovation and progress to consistently bring to the market the very best in corporate clothing.

Our Brook Taverner stock collections are only available from specialist corporate clothing suppliers. For details of your nearest Brook Taverner stockist please call +44 (0)1535 251900.