Brook Taverner are Europe’s largest and most successful trade supplier of stock-supported business clothing.

People often ask us how we have become Europe’s most successful manufacturer and supplier of corporate tailoring.

We believe there are five reasons why:

  • 1. Our heritage: we have a history of producing fine fabrics and tailored business suits and career wear that dates back to 1912.
  • 2. Commitment to craftsmanship of tailoring: no corners are cut in providing the detailing and finish expected by our ever more discerning customers. However, modern tailored wardrobes aren't just about appearance, they are about the performance and flexibility of the office wear too.
  • 3. Quality fabric: our beautifully tailored suits, tailored jackets, men's trousers and overcoats are produced using premium cloths from sources around the world. We choose fine yarns, densely woven and finished to industry-leading standards for all our image wear. We test all our fabrics in the lab and, more importantly, in the field (rigorous tests by real people at their place of work).
  • 4. Our partners: we have always prided ourselves on our productive relationships with some of the finest mills and factories in the world who not only help us produce the highest quality professional corporate clothes, but also ensure that all our clothing is made in ethically sound environments.
  • 5. Our ability to balance our heritage, quality and craftsmanship with innovation and progress: For instance, to support our passion we have a purpose-built 140,000sq ft warehouse and office that carries over £2m of corporate wear stock, ensuring a fast delivery and continued extraordinary value.
  • Never content to redesign the same old staff uniforms; we ally innovation with quality design and manufacture. As well as stocking more washable work wear than any other supplier of corporate tailoring, we were also first to introduce:
    • - Teflon fabric protector to a stock collection
    • - Lycra stretch to a stock collection
    • - Stretch waistbands to a stock collection
    • - Fashion-led designs
    • - Petite and tall fittings.

Our comprehensive Brook Taverner and Wardrobes stock ranges are only available from specialist corporate wear suppliers. To find your nearest business clothing specialist, please call
+44 (0)1535 251900 or email us from our contact page.